Our goal is to connect the language with the nature, creating very well informed citizens of the world.


Since 1999, we have been providing effective English classes year-round for beginning students to advanced learners in a friendly atmosphere. We are passionate about teaching languages, our teachers gained experience living in the UK and USA . We believe that learning the English language takes place inside and outside the classroom. We offer the best of both. Inside the classroom you build a strong foundation of the language, outside the classroom you practice English in real-life situations. Our World Explorer language program for children aged 5-15 offers an opportunity for children to learn English in a fun, relaxed setting. The children are introduced to language as if they were abroad, traveling the world, virtually talking to English people, they would only use English to speak in the classroom. ​Our program for Teens 12-18 stimulates the students to learn English in real-life situations while out and about in USA.


A year-long online English course in a small group adjusted to the level Individual classes with an emphasis on grammar preparation for FCE, eighth grade exam preparation National Geographic coursebooks Access to the myNG connect platform * * myNGconnect is an online portal to educational content from National Geographic. ​Our World coursebooks are aimed at children age 5-15 they help learning English in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Children are introduced into the world of language naturally, as if they were abroad, traveling virtually around the world. The IMPACT handbook is aimed at young people aged 12-18, it activates students to learn English in real life situations. During the classes, we focus on using the English language only.


English-language program for language schools, international schools and homeschooling – explores the concepts of Earth science. for students age 7 – 12 years Suggested blocks 45-60 minutes once a week for 32 weeks (October-May) Students will learn about the National Parks of the USA: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon: Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Underwater Research Station in Florida, Antarctica, the Great Plains of America, Niagara Falls and even travel back in time to the Prehistoric Era, learning about dinosaurs and the surrounding ecosystem. Teacher – easily conducts workshops using our teacher’s guide with all the necessary materials, including slide show presentations, flashcards, card games, arts & crafts, experiments and more. Travel and explore the world safely without leaving school! ​


​Our World enables young learners to master key language skills and provides the knowledge necessary to understand the modern world, all while having fun, of course. Every Our World book has fun and interesting tasks that help develop listening and speaking skills, it also includes pronunciation practice with The Sounds of English, numerous songs and educational language games to expand vocabulary and knowledge about English grammar. Our World are books that inspire children to discover and understand the real world, all while learning English. The book presents other cultures, interesting places on Earth, and inspirations from all over the world. Age-appropriate examples bring closer the interests of young people from the other side of the world, students compare their similarities and differences. Impact helps young people understand themselves, other people and the world around them. Language learning is supported by expressing one’s own views, encourages active action in social and cultural areas, teaches the art of making choices, and shapes the desired attitudes and values. Impact allows young people to discover who they are and who they would like to be.


​Vicky and Patti Explore the World ”is a course that explores information about earth science, geography, geology and history. Each chapter is watercolor hand-illustrated comic, and a practical part with educational tasks and stickers. The lives of two girls, Vicky and Patti, are turned upside down when they find a mysterious map. The girls find enchanted crystals that transport them to National Parks and various interesting places in the United States, Antarctica and even into space. Their mission is to complete the disk with eight crystals in order to save the planet Earth. Little girls discover different natural environments, encountering animals that speak with a human voice thanks to the power of crystals and show them the next path – providing fun facts about life and nature. ​ All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the owners.


September 13. – June 17.

2 lessons a week, 50 minutes each

group of 4-8 people

annual cost of the course: PLN 1620.00

monthly installment PLN 180.00 (9 installments)

payment from September 2021 to June 2022

group of 2-3 people

annual cost of the course 1980.00 PLN (regular price 2500.00 PLN)

monthly installment PLN 220.00 (9 installments)

individual: PLN 80.00 / unit


​1. Vicky and Patti Explore the world COURSE MANUAL
2. Teacher’s guide
3. Map of the magic door
4. Slideshow presentations
5. Audiobook in MP3 / WAV format
6. Flashcards
7. Spot It Playing Cards
8. Memory game cards
9. Quartet playing cards
10. Flashcards with vocabulary
11. Passports with stickers
12. Certificates




Explorers Field Trips

Virtual trips in 2021/2022 will be suspended until further notice

“Have you ever dreamed of discovering NASA’s Space Center? Have you ever dreamed of visiting Yellowstone Park in the USA and seeing geysers and Grizzly bears live? Have you ever wondered what it would be like – if you traveled back to the Jurassic era to face a dinosaur in the largest dinosaur park in the US? What if you were to dive with sharks and discover the underwater life on a Florida coral reef? “
All of this and more is now possible with our Virtual Fie Trips. Our trained teachers, in cooperation with American park rangers and employees of scientific institutions, will tell live stories and teach about interesting facts about a given topic. Workshops in English only, are intended for children and young people aged 8-15 (adequately to the language level of the participants)

1.Yellowstone National Park – the oldest national park in the world – what is located under Yellowstone Park, as the most faithful geyser in the world is called, we will discover the secrets of the rainbow color of the thermal spring and learn to distinguish a Grizzly bear from a black bear. Our travelers will learn interesting facts in the field of geology (geysers, hot springs, volcanoes), ecology (wild animals – bears, bison, elk, wolves and others)

2. The Indians of the Great Plains – During these workshops, students will face the real situation of everyday life in a natural, uncivilized environment. Our travelers will discover that many years ago all Indian tribes used only the natural resources of the environment to survive and will learn how the Native Americans used fur, skins, bones, tendons and even the buffalo bladder in their daily lives. During the presentation of the collection of teaching materials, the students will discover the culture and beliefs of the indigenous people of America.

3. Penguins in Antartica – is it raining in Antarctica? what is the temperature on this coldest continent? what penguins and other species of animals inhabit this cold environment. Which penguin is the smallest penguin in the world with yellow feathers on its head? what protects penguins from frost? what do marine mammals in Antarctic waters eat?

4. Ocean Marine Life – our explorers will immerse themselves in the waters of the ocean and learn interesting facts about ocean zones, learn how animals breathe underwater, is a shark a mammal or a fish, and how is it different from a dolphin?

5. Grand Canyon National Park – The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is one of the phenomena of earthly nature. Students will learn interesting facts related to animals living in the canyon as well as facts in the field of geology: how many types of stone are present in the canyon and which river crosses, what is the cycle of stone formation, or how to distinguish stone from mineral.

6. SPACE AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM – can outer space be the environment where life is located? what is the solar system and how many planets are there? Is the moon a star? What types of planets do we distinguish? In addition to the answers to the above questions, students will learn what NASA space mission sent astronauts to the moon and learn about the construction of a rocket that launched a spaceship into space.

7. DINOSAURS AND JURASSIC FOSSILS – Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago and remain one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth to this day. Dinosaurs – huge, terrifying and often dangerous beasts. In this geological meeting, students will learn about the environment that prevailed in the reptile era, distinguish between the three periods of the Mesozoic era, learn about fossils, dinosaurs, learn to distinguish carnivores from herbivores, learn about the body parts of individual reptiles and discover the secrets of prehistoric titans.

8. THE GREAT LAKES AND NIAGARA FALLS – How many are there actually? Who was Nikola Tesla and what is his relationship with Niagara Falls. What is the name of the largest lake in the USA? In addition, students will learn about the freshwater environment and the animals that live there, recognize the differences between a frog and a toad, and learn the lake zones.

During the workshops:

  • We will present the most interesting information about the places and institutions discussed
  • We will conduct experiments and perform educational tasks using interesting props, thanks to which children naturally absorb the presented knowledge
  • We will take our pupils on virtual tours around the USA, during which workshop participants will have contact with a real language. (age groups IV-VIII)
  • We will use original teaching aids and work cards (to be carried out during the workshop and at home), which will help you absorb and remember the material presented during the workshop.
  • Each participant will receive a traveler’s passport, in which he will be able to stick stickers after the “trip”.
Traveling Trunks – “hands-on” objects that can be touched and seen, an excellent source of knowledge for anyone who cannot personally visit all the fascinating places that are the subject of our workshops. *
* the suitcase with its contents is on the private equipment of the school, it is possible to rent exhibits for an additional fee.​